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The top Windows Server tips and news of February 2015

For our monthly feature, we look at the most popular stories on in February.

With Windows Server 2003 reaching its end of life in five months, our readers wanted to know what options they have for moving to a new server and what they should expect to pay if they delay a migration.

Microsoft issues patches for Internet Explorer and Group Policy

For February’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issued critical updates for over three dozen Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, making up for a lack of fixes in January’s batch of patches. The company also issued a critical update for a Group Policy vulnerability in Windows Server that could allow remote code execution.

Don’t hesitate to migrate from Windows Server 2003

Delaying a migration from Windows Server 2003 could cost large IT shops hundreds of thousands of dollars in extended support fees. One Microsoft consultant suggests enterprise customers use a custom support agreement (CSA) in the first year to keeps costs down.

Windows Server 2003 migration options

IT shops that choose to stay on Windows Server 2003 past its end-of-life open themselves up to security attacks. Fortunately, there are on-premise and cloud-based options for migrating away from the aging platform.

Tips for strengthening Active Directory password policy settings

Weak passwords can seriously jeopardize your enterprise’s security. Mitigate possible threats by determining where your risks are and fine-tuning standards and policies across the board.

How to make Windows security training work for you

career in information security is one of the best specialties out there for Windows admins. Capitalize on the growing demand by learning from pros in the field and putting your knowledge into practice in a test lab environment.

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