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Two critical fixes expected in February Patch Tuesday

Update (Feb. 10): Microsoft released two additional bulletins to be included in February’s Patch Tuesday cycle. The two security updates are marked as critical and will address remote code execution vulnerabilities in multiple versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. These last-minute additions raise the numbers for this month’s Patch Tuesday to four critical updates and seven total updates.

Original post: Admins expecting to see Microsoft go back to releasing a large number of security updates for February’s Patch Tuesday will be disappointed.

In its advance security notification, the company said it would release five bulletins in the latest Patch Tuesday cycle. Two of the bulletins are marked as critical and three are marked as important.

The critical bulletins address remote code execution vulnerabilities. They affect multiple versions of Windows as well as Forefront Protection Manager 2010 for Exchange Server.

The three important bulletins address elevation of privilege, information disclosure and denial of service vulnerabilities. They affect multiple versions of Windows.

This is the second month in a row with a small number of security updates in the Patch Tuesday cycle. Last month’s Patch Tuesday only had four important bulletins, none of which were critical.

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This is an are being address in the UK via the Trustworthy Software Institute and the Information Assurnace Collaboaration Group. The IACG is currently gathering training 'requirements' to feed into university sylabuses.
While the actual loopholes in technologies are coming and going quickly, and technologies change pretty fast, the universities could and should give core testing skills - critical thinking, learning, modeling.. Those are universally applicable and won't become obsolete.
I am SO glad someone else is writing about this!  Thank you.

The real question I ask, isn't aimed at the universities, but the companies.  Why aren't you spending more time training your employees when you pick them out of the crowd?  Why is so little money spent on things like that in the avg Tech company?