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Windows 7 and R2 make headlines at TechEd 2009

Microsoft TechEd 2009This is the first time in three years that I didn’t attend TechEd (though apparently I’m not alone in that regard). Some of my colleagues, however, are still out in L.A. this week pounding the pavement and covering all of the big announcements.

Here are a few links to some of the big stories out of TechEd this year, including the announcement that R2 will now be out before the end of year, as opposed to 2010:

  • Windows 7 and 2008 R2 – together at last
    Microsoft is very excited about the tandem of their upcoming client and server operating systems. Senior vice president Bill Veghte explained why at the keynote, so click in for the details.The company is taking the official position that organizations should still upgrade to Vista before moving to Windows 7 (also set for release later this year) – but we’ll see how many people really heed that call (raise your hand if you’re skeptical).For the record, it sounds like Windows 7 is also generating some excitement, especially because of the new MED-V technology that’s designed to solve some of the (many) app compatibility issues that plagued the last OS.
  • Pumped up hypervisor support for Windows 2008 R2
    Microsoft is beefing up hypervisor support to 64 CPUs (it was originally expected to be 32). R2 will also feature new file classification infrastructure within the OS, plus enhanced branch cache capabilities.
  • Live Migration is a hit!
    The consensus at the conference seems to be that the enhancements made to Hyper-V in R2 will simplify virtual machine management. So that’s good, heh.Naturally, Live Migration is the big bang feature here (one attendee described it as being identical to VMotion), but another new feature getting some attention is “hot add/remove”, which allows folks to use VHDs to reallocate storage to a VM without stopping that VM in the process.
  • ‘Kilimanjaro’ is no more (so to speak)
    So is SQL Server 2010 for that matter. Microsoft has renamed the upcoming release SQL Server 2008 R2, instead, with a CTP set for later this year. Oh, and some new features have been added as well.

If you’re searching for more TechEd coverage, is frequently updating a landing page with all the latest news from the event, including a running blog and some cool videos.

Finally, for anyone who actually did make it to the conference this year, sound off in the comment section and tell us what your impressions have been!

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