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Windows Server 2008 gets extended mainstream support deadline

We’ve heard it from plenty of IT pros in the last year: they like what they see in Windows Server 2012, but they’re just not ready to jump ship. If they needed another reason to stay within the confines of Windows Server 2008, today they got one more.

Microsoft extended the support end-date two years to Jan. 13, 2015 Mary Jo Foley reported this week. Until then, the product will continue to receive its regular Patch Tuesday fixes and other, non-security fixes.

From there, Windows Server 2008 will go into extended support, which ends Jan. 14, 2020, according to the product lifecycle page on Microsoft’s website. Windows Server 2008 R2 has the same support end-dates.

As Foley notes, this isn’t because Windows Server 2008 is so popular that Microsoft felt it needed to continue to support it (and, it isn’t yet widely used, according to our Purchasing Intentions survey last year). Rather, the launch of Windows Server 2012 kicks in a protocol that “provides a minimum of five years of Mainstream Support or two years of Mainstream Support after the successor product ships, whichever is longer.”

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