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Windows Server releases could become more frequent

Microsoft may release major platform updates on a yearly basis — including Windows Server — if a rumor is true.

Mary Jo Foley reported that a tipster told her the codename “Windows Blue” we’ve heard about will not only apply to Windows on the desktop, but also to Windows Server and Windows Services like SkyDrive and Office365.

“Blue is a wave of product refreshes which are not expected to arrive exactly all on the same day, but which are meant to be released more or less around the same time,” Foley wrote.

Foley further added credence to the rumor with a screenshot of a Microsoft employee’s LinkedIn profile containing references to the Windows Blue project.

The Blue update wouldn’t likely mean Microsoft would release a product called “Windows Server 2013” this year and “Windows Server 2014” the next. Rather, these updates would be distributed directly to admins by some means.

The iterative, yearly nature of this rumored strategy would be new for Microsoft, but its competitors on the desktop have moved to this with some success. Apple has released a “major” upgrade of its Mac OS X every year for the last three years.

These latest rumors ask more questions than they answer: Are they just more frequent Service Pack updates? Will they cost anything extra? How much of a headache will this cause admins?

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