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Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference coverage

This guide captures the scene at Microsoft Ignite 2016 as thousands in IT gather in Atlanta in September to attend sessions and keynotes, including the kickoff from CEO Satya Nadella, that detail the company's plans.


Microsoft made the point last year that its future rests on Azure cloud as the glue to connect its products and services while appealing to enterprises. And with services such as Office 365 attracting 22.2 million subscribers, according to the company, it's apparent the "mobile-first, cloud-first" model is sticking.

But Microsoft isn't stopping with Office 365. The once-staunch proprietary company is also trying to appeal to the developer space and open-source community in the lead up to the Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference. It added Linux support to its Azure cloud computing platform and plans to add it to on-premises services such as SQL Server. Windows 10 includes Bash for developers working in mixed-OS environments, and Microsoft converted PowerShell into an open-source project to enable administrators to manage Linux and OS X systems in addition to Windows boxes. Microsoft also has its focus on application development and will support Docker containers in Windows Server 2016.

Still, the question remains whether traditional Windows admins are ready to evolve with Microsoft -- and embrace its focus on cloud, open-source development, containers and DevOps. And will these moves help Microsoft compete with other industry giants such as Amazon Web Services and Google, which already have a strong following of cloud adopters and developers?

This Ignite 2016 conference guide tracks Microsoft over the last year, with tips and features on its major products, including Office 365, Azure cloud platform, Windows Server 2016 as well as its collaboration software and associated technologies. Bookmark this guide for continuous updates on news and features during and after the Ignite 2016 conference.

1The latest and greatest-

What's new with Microsoft?

Microsoft continues to pour in seemingly limitless resources to build momentum in new areas -- namely, the developer space -- and solidify its grip on enterprises by continually improving Office 365. This section covers recent Microsoft news, including articles from the Ignite 2016 conference, and details the company's focus on providing one-stop shopping for all of IT's needs.


IT shops consider Microsoft Surface devices

With Windows 10 on the rise, it's a good time to reconsider your Windows management strategy. Many businesses are adopting 2-in-1 devices, such as Microsoft Surface. Continue Reading


Jack Madden shares his impressions of Microsoft Ignite 2016

Check out sessions on smarter identity and access management, the Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph, and AI. Continue Reading


Microsoft Intune adds support for Android for Work

Microsoft Intune continues to add features, including support for Android for Work, after a year of huge growth. Continue Reading


Microsoft Azure Stack tweaks causing delays, IT pros still hopeful

Improvements to Microsoft's Azure Stack hybrid cloud platform are coming slower than anticipated, but IT shops still hope to get their hands on it sooner rather than later. Continue Reading


Microsoft slates Windows Server 2016 availability for mid-October

Microsoft dedicated its opening keynote to the benefits of Azure, but IT pros say the company's on-ramp to the cloud still needs some work. Continue Reading


Microsoft Docker container GA a potential sea change for enterprises

Microsoft-supported Docker products will become generally available beginning with Windows Server 2016 in October 2016, vaulting containers into enterprise prime time. Continue Reading


Windows 10 Edge browser security gets a hand from virtualization

The upcoming Windows Defender Application Guard feature in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Edge browser will help IT departments protect against malware from compromised websites. Continue Reading


Windows Server 2016 licensing tweak could cause big headaches

Get ready to pay more, experts warn, when Windows Server licensing fees shift from per-processor to per-core starting with Windows Server 2016. Continue Reading


What to expect from Office 365 services as Ignite conference nears

Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference on the way, the question on users' minds is what to expect from the show and from Office 365 services in general. Continue Reading


Microsoft shops get native Docker tools, Windows Containers

Windows containers are now available in preview as the native Docker tools come to Microsoft for the first time. Continue Reading


Microsoft delays Azure Stack, will sell it only through OEMs

Waiting another six months for Microsoft's Azure Stack will be a hiccup to some IT shops, but narrowing their hardware choices for it will be far less welcomed. Continue Reading


Microsoft unveils SharePoint integration – but is it enough?

SharePoint harks back to a pre-cloud era and Microsoft is desperate to modernize it with cloud integration -- but can it compete with pure cloud rivals, Box and Dropbox? Continue Reading


Citrix and Microsoft to offer XenMobile Office 365 management

Citrix XenMobile will integrate with Microsoft Intune, so Citrix customers can manage Office mobile apps on XenMobile managed devices. Continue Reading


IT cheers new SharePoint mobile apps

Microsoft's significant SharePoint makeover has IT pros praising the platform's new mobile apps and integration with OneDrive and other software. Continue Reading

2The evolution of Ignite-

Is IT interested in interlocking?

Microsoft's "interlocking" strategy, a central focus since the 2015 Ignite show, includes personal computing, changing how people work and using the Azure cloud platform as the backbone for business-critical applications. Here's how Microsoft is following that plan, with a goal to become the one vendor IT needs to get work done.


At Ignite, hybrid SharePoint a key theme

Hybrid SharePoint will be an important theme at the Microsoft Ignite show, where on-premises users may not be ready to go all-in on the cloud. Continue Reading


Microsoft Delve may drive demand for Office365

Microsoft Delve is touted as a hot new interface for SharePoint, but will users embrace it or find it intrusive? Continue Reading


Exchange 2016 features entice admin

Admins should take note of these new and improved features and capabilities in Exchange Server 2016, experts say. Continue Reading


SQL Server 2016 features boost cloud, security and analytics support

In a podcast, SearchSQLServer's Jessica Sirkin discusses the noteworthy features in SQL Server 2016, reactions from users and issues to consider in thinking about upgrading. Continue Reading


New Azure Stack blends data center with cloud apps

Azure Stack combines PaaS and IaaS to give Microsoft shops a streamlined way to manage and deploy legacy and cloud apps. Continue Reading


Windows Server 2016 preview 2 hits without containers

Microsoft has refactored Windows Server around containers, but IT pros must wait a little longer before they can actually test them out. Continue Reading

3Microsoft glossary-

Expand your technical terminology

Are you in the know with the latest features in Microsoft offerings?

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