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Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference coverage

This Microsoft Ignite 2017 guide gathers all the latest news and analysis related to one of the biggest shows for IT organizations. Attend from your desk as analysts and experts dig into the keynotes and new offerings.


Microsoft's surge to get ahead of cutting-edge IT shows no sign of slowing as the company's investments in cloud bear fruit.

With Azure as the engine, Microsoft wants users to get on the digital transformation bandwagon -- swap out older technologies and approaches for more nimble substitutes, and invest in the company's products, preferably ones based in the cloud.

An intriguing amalgam of Azure infrastructure and platform as a service (PaaS), rolled into an appliance that sits in the customer's data center, should play a prominent role at the Microsoft Ignite 2017 show in Orlando at the end of September. Azure Stack, in the works since 2015, aims to give enterprises a consistent application development platform in a private cloud.
Microsoft's cloud emphasis is equally pronounced in Office 365. The company claims it has more than 100 million users that depend on the suite's services. Several significant features added over the last year include additional calling features to its Skype for Business product and the rollout of Microsoft Teams, the company's answer to the popular Slack chat service. Out of just over 1,100 sessions in the Ignite catalog, more than 200 focus on topics that range from basic digital literacy training to advanced records management for Office 365 administrators.

Bookmark this Microsoft Ignite 2017 guide for news about product developments and analysis from experts making sense of Microsoft's efforts to shape the technological landscape.

1Microsoft in the news-

Microsoft's 2017 direction

See independent coverage of Microsoft's new offerings and product updates leading up to and including the Ignite 2017 event in Orlando.


Microsoft says Azure Stack has arrived, but OEMs aren't ready yet

Microsoft Azure Stack is nearly ready to go, but OEMs say they still have more testing and certification to do on the product. Continue Reading


Microsoft Teams to replace Skype for Business

Microsoft will replace Skype for Business Online with Teams. Analysts expect that by 2020, Teams will be the communications client for Office 365. Continue Reading


Migration to Microsoft Teams could pose problems for IT pros and end users

Companies mulling a Microsoft Teams deployment will have to tread carefully to exploit the new collaboration service, analysts say. Continue Reading


Microsoft Teams could curb Outlook email use

Outlook email is a key differentiator for Microsoft when competing with Cisco or other UC vendors. But Microsoft Teams could replace Outlook. Continue Reading


New Skype, Microsoft Teams integrations focus on video

Microsoft Ignite yielded a slew of partnership announcements focusing on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams integrations based on video support and interoperability. Continue Reading


Microsoft assesses virtual reality collaboration

Microsoft demonstrated its virtual reality collaboration technology and mixed-reality workflow app, used by Ford, at Microsoft Ignite 2017. Continue Reading


Microsoft puts focus on front-line worker with bundles

New Dynamics 365 features include embedded AI as emphasis turns to front-line workers. Also, Microsoft Teams will soon supplant Skype for Business. Continue Reading


Ignite keynote teases new CRM platform

The Microsoft Ignite 2017 keynote address previews far-reaching future products and updates progress with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and other Microsoft 365 products. Continue Reading


Dynamics 365 CRM can help drive the digital transformation process

At Ignite, Microsoft predicts the future -- and it's one that centers on Dynamics 365, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Continue Reading


SQL Server for Linux set for release

Microsoft says SQL Server 2017 works with any combination of Linux and Windows servers and Docker containers. The database product will also include automatic tuning, graph database and a resumable online index rebuild. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Dell adds data protection for Windows Hyper-V

At Microsoft Ignite 2017, Dell says data protection policies can be set automatically and applied to any new virtual machines brought online. Continue Reading


Database innovations central to Microsoft Ignite 2017

Key improvements in data tech for SQL Server and analytics tools are on the docket for the 2017 Microsoft Ignite conference. Continue Reading


Microsoft beckons Linux containers onto Windows Server

A project that will put Linux containers on the Windows platform offers more options to IT ops teams that want to deploy containerized applications. Continue Reading


Tour the Azure Stack Development Kit

Microsoft released the product to help developers validate Azure Stack applications for hybrid deployments in different locations globally or in on-premises settings. Continue Reading


Microsoft bows to pressure from Kaspersky

Microsoft says it will change its antivirus policy in its forthcoming update to Windows 10 to avoid further action in an antitrust case. Continue Reading


Office license changes push some orgs toward competing products

Upcoming changes to Microsoft Office licenses will leave Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 shops cut out of Skype, OneDrive and Outlook for business. Continue Reading


Microsoft to disable SMBv1 by default in fall Windows updates

The company claims WannaCry attacks did not influence the decision to disable the protocol by default in the next major Windows updates. Continue Reading


Azure Container Instances bypass VM management

Azure users can preview a container management platform from Microsoft that abstracts VMs and makes container orchestration management optional. Continue Reading


GDPR compliance help is on the way for Microsoft cloud users

With just one year to prepare for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, Microsoft offers assistance with tools, a dashboard, a privacy compliance forum and more. Continue Reading


Fuzz testing service brings AI, automation to developers

Microsoft Security Risk Detection uses AI for fuzz testing to find application vulnerabilities and prevent crashes. Continue Reading


Microsoft snaps up Kubernetes development company

A Microsoft tuck-in acquisition could play a key role in bringing Kubernetes container orchestration for Windows up to speed. Continue Reading


Microsoft cloud ups transparency with Cloudyn deal

Cloud costs should become easier to decipher with Microsoft's buy of multicloud optimization vendor Cloudyn. Continue Reading

2A deeper look-

Scrutinizing Microsoft's strategy

Microsoft's on-premises Azure Stack appliance is one of many intriguing projects the company says its customers want. Users and analysts weigh in with their opinions on the merits and shortcomings in Microsoft's agenda.


Skype for Business users face Microsoft Teams migration questions

Microsoft customers considering a migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams will encounter several key questions regarding features and deployment models. Continue Reading


Jeffrey Snover discusses PowerShell on Linux, Azure Stack delay

The Microsoft technical fellow and Azure Stack architect wants the appliance to avoid the issues that have dogged OpenStack. Continue Reading


Microsoft to outpace VMware in hybrid cloud market

Microsoft's Azure Stack hybrid cloud technology will likely see faster adoption in the market than VMware Cloud on AWS, according to analysts. Continue Reading


Microsoft undergoes internal renovations as it pushes new approach

Microsoft appears set to pursue a greater focus on vertical markets and technology partners heading into Ignite 2017, as it takes on digital transformation and cloud computing at the enterprise edge. Continue Reading


Azure App Service firewalls added to mollify enterprises

Azure App Service Isolated brings dedicated space and broadens the reach of Microsoft's PaaS offering to assuage enterprises wary of public cloud. Continue Reading


Microsoft turns up heat in cloud data warehousing

Microsoft's Azure SQL Data Warehouse preview increases scaling threefold in the company's latest salvo to fight off competition in the large-scale relational data warehouse market. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Google, Office 365 fight it out for office services customers

Despite all its efforts, Google will have difficulty surmounting Microsoft's lead in the business apps market. Continue Reading


Azure Stack scale limits could delay launch for some enterprises

The initial release of Azure Stack and its 12-node limit might dissuade companies with large-scale requirements that want to avoid the public cloud. Continue Reading


Chief of the .NET framework tools predicts platform's future

Launched before mobile and cloud computing, the Microsoft .NET framework has gone open source, added tools for cross-platform development and adopted a common library model. Continue Reading


Microsoft's opening up to other platforms, and administrators must adapt

Microsoft's strategy on Linux and open source not long ago was to attack, but the company's aggressive posture softened under CEO Satya Nadella. Continue Reading

3Takeaways from tech events-

Microsoft news from prior shows

Microsoft's keynotes and product releases got strong reactions from the tech community at other conferences before Ignite 2017.

Conference Coverage

Microsoft Inspire 2017: Satya Nadella touts new opportunities for partners

The Microsoft CEO used his keynote to underscore several areas where the company's partners can help customers tackle digital transformation projects. Continue Reading


RSA Conference 2017: Microsoft official says IT workers are on the front lines of cyberattacks

Brad Smith, chief legal officer, called for the technology industry to work with governments to ward off these threats from nation-states during his keynote at the security event. Continue Reading

Conference Coverage

Enterprise Connect 2017: Competitors challenge Microsoft UC offerings

AWS and Slack rolled out products aimed to knock down Microsoft's unified communications products at the Orlando show. Continue Reading


Microsoft Build 2017: Four machine learning services debut

Microsoft delivered its Cognitive Services bundle to help developers construct apps that tap into AI data. Continue Reading


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