Exchange 2013 data loss prevention (Exchange 2013 DLP)

Contributor(s): Matt Gervais

Exchange 2013 data loss prevention is a feature that allows manual enforcement of message content rules in Exchange to ensure that specific content is not accessible to unauthorized parties.

Exchange 2013 DLP uses message templates to block or filter sensitive data that is found in most enterprise IT environments. By controlling what flows in and out of an Exchange Server 2013 organization, an administrator can meet business rules for privacy and compliance.

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Administrators can use existing DLP message policy templates, build on top of existing templates and create templates from scratch with tools in the Exchange Administration Center. Templates may be tested without being placed into production to test policy templates without affecting mail flow.

This was last updated in November 2012

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Exchange server is failing to send mail to some domains like yahoo and a few others.
It returns the following message:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

<target email address>
Several attempts to deliver your message were unsuccessful and we stopped trying. It could be a temporary situation. Try to send your message again later.

Kindly assist. 

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