Exchange Administration Center (EAC)

Contributor(s): Matt Gervais

The Exchange Administration Center (EAC) is a Web-based management console for managing Exchange Server 2013 environments. 

The EAC replaces the Exchange Control Panel and Exchange Management Console, the two primary interfaces used to perform administrative tasks in Exchange Server 2010.

Exchange administrators will rely on the EAC for common tasks like:

  • Managing and migrating mailboxes,
  • Configuring anti-malware protection
  • Determining which mobile devices can connect to your Exchange servers,
  • Managing public folders,
  • Monitoring processes,
  • Compliance management
  • Applying Outlook Web App policies, and much more.


This was last updated in August 2012

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I am Admin of a network. And I want to check email attachment (Gmail's) which were shared in between my network. So Exchange will help me for same?