Just Enough Administration (JEA)

Contributor(s): Tayla Holman
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Just Enough Administration (JEA) is a Microsoft Windows PowerShell toolkit that can restrict users to only perform tasks for which they are authorized as part of their role. The tasks users are allowed to perform and their server access are defined and managed from a central configuration server by using Desired State Configuration

JEA includes a toolkit configuration and an endpoint configuration. The toolkit configuration represents a set of tasks that a user can perform on the server, and the tasks are configured through PowerShell cmdlets and parameters that the user can run to accomplish them. A JEA endpoint represents an administration point for users on Windows Server instances and consists of one or more toolkits.

The JEA module is part of the Windows PowerShell DSC Resource Kit and includes the xJeaEndPoint and xJEAToolKit resources. The only prerequisite installation for JEA is Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview.

This was last updated in August 2015

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