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Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Contributor(s): Tayla Holman

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is a service that provides a private connection between an organization's on-premises infrastructure and Microsoft Azure data centers. 

Azure ExpressRoute requires a valid and active Azure account. ExpressRoute customers must either have an existing relationship with a supported connectivity provider or connect to Microsoft cloud services through an exchange if the desired connectivity provider is not supported. As of this writing, Azure ExpressRoute comes in two pricing plans: metered and unlimited.

The metered data plan ranges from $55 a month for a 50 Mbps connection up to $5,000 for a 10 Gbps connection. Under a metered plan, there is no charge for inbound data transfers, but outbound data is charged from $0.025 per GB to $0.14 per GB, depending on the Azure region where the data originates.

The unlimited data plan costs range from $300 per month at 50 Mbps up to $51,300 per month at 10 Gbps. Inbound and outbound data transfer is free of charge. 

The Azure ExpressRoute premium add-on feature provides service availability in all of Azure's geopolitical regions around the world. Currently these regions are: North America, Latin America, Australia, India, Asia Pacific (Singapore and Hong Kong), Japan and European Union.With a premium add-on, outbound data transfer ranges from $3,055 a month for a 50 Mbps connection up to $8,000 for a 10 Gbps connection. 

This was last updated in January 2016

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