Microsoft Exchange 2013 In-Place Hold

In-Place Hold is a new e-discovery feature that was first introduced in Exchange Server 2013 release.

In-Place Hold essentially helps an admin determine what items to hold and the amount of time to hold them. Using the Exchange 2013 In-Place Hold feature, administrators can accomplish various tasks that focus around preserving email. Mail preservation is critical if a company is faced with litigation and needs to perform any sort of electronic discovery. 

Using In-Place Hold, an Exchange 2013 administrator can:

  • Place complete user mailboxes on hold.
  • Preserve mailbox items that were previously deleted.
  • Search for specific items via criteria such as keywords, send date, recipients and more.
  • Preserve items for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Place an actual user on hold.


This was last updated in February 2013

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