Microsoft Exchange 2013 Managed Store

Contributor(s): Matt Gervais

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Managed Store is a mechanism used in Exchange Server 2013 to isolate failures at the database level.

The Managed Store in Exchange 2013 replaces the Exchange Information Store of past versions. The primary benefit of the Exchange 2013 Managed Store is that if a single database process encounters any sort of error, only that database is affected. That said, the Managed Store also presents numerous enhancements over the Information Store, including:

  • Improved integration with the Exchange Replication service,
  • Better performance and resilience,
  • Improved integration with Microsoft FAST search.

The Exchange 2013 Managed Store also reduces the number of potentially mounted databases per mailbox server from 100 (Exchange 2010) to 50 (Exchange 2013). This change should aid companies that rely on database availability groups (DAGs) as part of their general Exchange Server infrastructure.

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This was last updated in April 2013

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