Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Managed Availability

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Managed Availability is a built-in monitoring and recovery platform in Exchange 2013. The platform detects problems and recovers from them as soon as the system discovers them. Managed Availability is different from other systems in that it focuses on the aspects of recovery in three particular areas: availability, errors and latency.

Managed Availability has two forms of service: the parent process, Health Manager Service, and the child process, Health Manager Worker. The Health Manager Service manages a host of worker processes, including building, executing, starting and stopping processes. It also makes sure the work processes are correctly working and recovers work processes if they fail to prevent a single point of failure. The Health Manager Worker is a worker process that performs run-time tasks.

Managed Availability saves configuration information in local configuration files, Active Directory and the local registry in a server.

This was last updated in October 2014

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