Microsoft Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

The Microsoft Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is a GUI-based application to assist with writing and debugging PowerShell scripts.

System administrators, developers and other IT professionals can use PowerShell ISE to run commands from the application instead of the PowerShell console. Windows PowerShell ISE has extensible features to aid script creation and testing. For example, scripts can be written and edited in a script pane, while any portion of the script can be selected and tested. A separate command pane can be used to run interactive PowerShell commands. An output pane shows the results of commands and script actions. Users can change the applications settings to tailor text colors, fonts and layouts, and employ line and column numbers, keyboard shortcuts, context-sensitive help and other features to adjust the editing environment.

PowerShell ISE can support up to eight consecutive execution environments to let administrators work on multiple tasks simultaneously. PowerShell ISE supports copying and pasting of multiple lines of code to make a script easier to edit. PowerShell ISE also includes a comprehensive debugger to test commands, a portion of the script or the entire script. Administrators can add breakpoints and check variables to see how the script behaves at certain points.

Later versions of Windows and Windows Server add more features to PowerShell ISE, including IntelliSense for basic auto-complete of cmdlets, parameters, files, values and other elements. Auto-save capabilities store the script every few minutes to avoid content loss if a crash occurs. The Snippets function saves short segments of code for reuse, and a most recently used list offers fast access to recent files. PowerShell ISE merges the command and output panes into a single view to more closely reflect the response of the PowerShell console. Users can extend the features and functionality of PowerShell ISE with code based on the ISE Scripting Object Model.

PowerShell ISE is part of the Windows Management Framework (WMF), which allows administrators to manage multiple versions of Windows and Windows Server within the enterprise. WMF installs a suite of features including PowerShell, PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), PowerShell ISE, Windows Remote Management (WinRM), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Windows PowerShell Web Services (Management OData IIS Extension), Software Inventory Logging (SIL) and Server Manager CIM Provider.

This was last updated in December 2016

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