Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Access

Contributor(s): Toni Boger

Remote Access is a Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 feature that combines DirectAccess, Routing and Remote Access Service features. 

There are three possible deployment paths for Remote Access: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. Microsoft recommends that organizations use the basic setup when they deploy a single server, only require username/password authentication or are only working with Windows 8 clients. The advanced setup should be used for multiple servers, Windows 7 clients or enterprise-level deployments.

New features for Remote Access include Web Application Proxy, multi-tenant site-to-site VPN and Border Gateway Patrol. Web Application Proxy lets end users access applications outside a corporate network from any device. Multi-tenant site-to-site VPN allows the deployment of multi-tenant site-to-site gateways. Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) allows route learning and dynamic distribution by site-to-site interfaces.

This was last updated in December 2013

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