Microsoft Windows Server Event Viewer

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Microsoft Windows Server Event Viewer is a monitoring tool that shows a log of events that can be used to troubleshoot issues on a Windows-based system.

The Event Viewer displays information about application, security-related, system and setup events. Event Viewer can be opened through the Administrative Tools menu in the System and Security category of the Control Panel.

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Examples of events include user logins or application errors, such as an application failing to start as expected. The event log displays information such as the source or the software or service that generated the log event, the event ID and the level or severity of the event.

An administrator can create filters and custom views to display particular events. There is also a subscriptions feature that is mostly used in enterprises to forward events from one server to another. This feature requires Windows Event Collector and Windows Remote Management services to be running. An administrator can also attach tasks to specific events, which will send an email when the event occurs.

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