Remote Network Access Application (RNAAPP)

RNAAPP (Remote Network Access Application) is one of those occasionally visible yet mysterious little programs that come with the Microsoft Windows 95/98 operating system. It is part of Windows' Dial Up Networking capability. Users can see it in Windows Explorer as rnaapp.exe. (The exe stands for executable, meaning it's a file that is a program.) RNAAPP can be the source of a problem when trying to get Internet access. It sometimes remains in memory from a previous connection, making the system believe that a connection is already established.

One approach if you get the message that "Dial-up Networking could not establish a compatible set of network protocols" or a message similar to it is to simply press ctrl-alt-delete, find RNAAPP in the task list, select it, and then click on the End Task button. There may also be other approaches, too.

This was last updated in April 2005

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