In file management, a binder is a software utility that combines two or more files into a single file. To bind files, the user selects a list of files to be put into a host file and the host file, which can be renamed anything the user would like, compresses the selected files and saves them all in one place under one name. When the user clicks on the host file, the embedded files are automatically decompressed and, if they contain an application (that is, if the package includes an executable file), the application is run.

One of the most popular binders was Microsoft's "Pack and Go" feature in PowerPoint. It allowed users to save their slide shows (.ppt files), graphics (.gif, .jpg, or .bmp files), and sound (.mid, .wav or .au files) in one file under one name. Unfortunately, a binder file can also be used to hide malicious code such a Trojan horse, so many software vendors, including Microsoft, have discontinued its use.

This was last updated in June 2007

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