blue screen of death (BSOD)

Contributor(s): Neil Switzer

The blue screen of death (BSOD), is the informal name given by users to the Windows general protection fault (GPF) error. Named in honor of the error's dreaded display image of white text on a blue background, the BSOD is generated by the operating system when it has suddenly terminated with an error. The system locks up and must be rebooted. The blue screen may include some hexadecimal values from a core dump that can potentially be used to determine what caused the crash.

The blue screen of death can strike anyone, anywhere. At the Comdex trade show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates encountered the blue screen during a demonstration of Windows 98. (He had a spare computer standing by.)

This was last updated in September 2005

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I am getting the error code 80070BC9 for Windows 7.
Problem- windows update continues trying to install Service Pack 1.
My desk top computer already has Service pack 1 and service pack 2
currently installed. How to resolve this issue.Further, I can
no longer uninstall updates which my computer does not need.
Hiding the update did not work. This computer starts with a message "windows is configuring updates..updates completed 100% ..then is shuts down and within seconds reboots and repeats the above message twice and within seconds goes directly to my screen to enter the pass code. Any proven suggestions?
Have not seen a BSOD in years... do they still exist?? Or have we gotten better with our software and protection that they are almost non-existent?
Sounds like you're tempting fate to me, Todd...