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Contributor(s): David Morton

A favicon (for "favorite icon") is a customized image that Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (and above) uses, if it is available, as an icon to go with a user-specified bookmarked site on the Links bar at the top of a Web browser window. In Windows 98, a user can add visible links to favorite Web sites simply by dragging with the mouse the Uniform Resource Locator (address) of the Web site to the optional Links bar near the top of the window. Beginning with Internet Explorer 5.0, if a Web site has made available a small image of a specified size, the browser will download it and put it next to the text for the favorite link on the Links bar. The favorite icon image must use the standard name of favicon.ico . If no favicon.ico has been provided, a default image (a logo for Internet Explorer) is used instead.

A favicon.ico can also show up in at least three other places in Windows:

1) In the Favorites list selectable on the Start menu

2) In the location bar of the browser when you are visiting the Web site

3) On your desktop if you first bookmark the site, click Start, Favorites, hold down control,and click on the bookmark to drag it to the desktop (it copies the icon as a shortcut)

This was last updated in April 2005

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