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July 2016

Office 365 advantages, disadvantages and surprises

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With new features, increased stability, different pricing models and cloud capability, Microsoft Office 365 is showing itself to be a robust, evolving option for businesses. This handbook looks at the Office 365 advantages and weaknesses.

Microsoft has continued to update the suite since its 2011 debut. A rolling release model allows Office 365 to improve at a steady pace. Because it isn't a stagnant product, features change with the times and weaknesses are addressed. If nothing else, Office 365 enables a business to avoid the expense and burden of running an on-premises Exchange deployment.

Acceptance by small companies and large organizations has driven increased adoption of the suite. Key to the success has been the pricing for Office 365. Microsoft offers plans that are appropriate for businesses of all sizes (and even individuals), which lets an organization tailor its spending to actual needs. This handbook looks at these and other issues related to evaluating Office 365. Advantages, disadvantages and key questions are presented to assist with determining if the suite is right for your organization.

About The Author

J. Peter Bruzzese - Co-founder,

J. Peter Bruzzese is the co-founder of and a ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • The surprising success of Office 365
  • Exchanging Exchange for Office 365 Mail
  • Shop for a suite deal

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