Catch up on the Windows Server patches of 2017

Last updated:February 2017

Editor's note

IT organizations depend heavily on Windows Server to manage the infrastructure, users and their devices, using features such as Active Directory and products like System Center. Windows Server also provides the backbone for numerous business-critical applications, such as Exchange Server and SQL Server.

Because of Windows Server's importance in a shop that depends on Microsoft's technology stack, administrators take extra care when they patch the server operating system. One bad update can take down the entire data center. Microsoft's monthly security updates bring additional stress to administrators with numerous enterprise systems based on Windows Server -- a fix for the server operating system could break the functionality in an important third-party application.

This essential guide to 2017's monthly Patch Tuesday news stories and related articles helps administrators understand and implement Windows Server patches, whether it's the next day, next month or next quarter.

1A window into patching Microsoft systems

Security is a 24/7 concern -- not just something to think about on Patch Tuesday. Stay in the know with other developments related to the security of Microsoft's operating systems, such as the servicing model change.