Guide to secure better Exchange admin jobs

Last updated:December 2015

Editor's note

Coveted Exchange admin jobs are hard to get, but with the right training, skills and preparation, you could find yourself in a new role soon.

No matter your area of expertise, practicing for interviews is a must. With the proper guidance, you can prepare for anything prospective employers are likely to ask.

To move up in an IT organization, or establish your role in a new one, brush up on your Exchange skills and consider renewing older certifications.

1The skills for Exchange admin success

Certain Exchange skills are more worthwhile to review than others when preparing for an interview. Study topics like PowerShell, how to set up and monitor security tools, load balancing and virtualization. With these skills, you're as good as hired.

2Tools to move you up the ladder

Tactical books and Microsoft certifications will give you the tools to succeed in current and future Exchange admin jobs. It's never too late to become certified or branch out into new areas. These resources will start you on the right path.