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Plan your Exchange migration to Office 365 with confidence

This Exchange migration guide offers expert advice to help administrators every step of the way as they move their organization's messaging platform into Microsoft's cloud.


Choosing an Exchange migration to Office 365 is just the beginning of this process for administrators. Migrating all the content, troubleshooting the issues and then getting the settings just right in a new system can be overwhelming, especially with tricky legacy archives.

Even though it might appear that the Exchange migration to Office 365 is happening everywhere, transitioning to the cloud is not a black and white choice for every organization. On-premises servers still get the job done; however, Exchange Online offers a constant flow of new features and costs less in some cases. Administrators should also consider a hybrid deployment to get the benefits of both platforms.

Once you have determined the right configuration, you will have to choose how to transfer archived emails and public folders and which tools to use. Beyond relocating mailboxes, administrators have to keep content accessible and security a priority during an Exchange migration to Office 365.

This guide simplifies the decision-making process and steers administrators away from common issues. More advanced tutorials share the reasons to keep certain data on premises and the tricks to set up the cloud service for optimal results.

1Before the move-

Plan your Exchange migration

Prepare for your move from Exchange Server to the cloud by understanding your deployment options and tools to smooth out any bumps in the road.


Hybrid deployments with Office 365 get the best of both worlds

Companies can take advantage of both the on-premises customizations and capabilities of cloud computing with an Office 365 hybrid deployment. Continue Reading


Simplify legacy archive migration to Office 365

Exchange administrators don't need to feel overwhelmed when planning to migrate to Office 365. This tutorial and the use of third-party products can ease the move from on premises to Exchange Online. Continue Reading


Microsoft offers a fast track for Exchange Online migration

Microsoft's Express Migration automated setup gives administrators a head start to shift from on-premises Exchange to hosted email in Office 365. Continue Reading


Smoothly navigate public folders migration

Admins don't need to fear an Exchange Online public folder migration if they understand the best option for their organization, whether that is moving to Office 365 Groups or keeping public folders where they are. Continue Reading


Consider the Exchange Online migration from all angles

To fully prepare for an Exchange Online migration, admins must plan for technical and organizational obstacles beyond moving mailboxes to the cloud. Continue Reading


How to decide between Exchange Online vs. on premises

Considering an Exchange hardware update? Determine if migrating to Exchange Online vs. keeping on-premises servers is right for you. Continue Reading

2After the move-

Working with Exchange Online

After you've made the switch to Office 365's hosted email platform, these tools and practices will have your organization taking advantage of the new platform's perks without delay.


The Office 365 roadmap keeps admins on their toes

Admins can adapt to the constant flow of updates and new features in the Office 365 roadmap with this expert advice. Continue Reading


Manage data with Office 365 labels

Email and document organization doesn't require hard work with Office 365 labels, which sets automatic deletion and retention policies. Continue Reading


Office 365 email encryption tools lock down data

Consult this list of Office 365 email encryption tools to guarantee data protection. While Microsoft automatically enables some security features, admins need to configure more advanced safeguards. Continue Reading


Set up effective Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Group limits keep resource use under control and prevent the potential for future issues. Continue Reading


How to safeguard Office 365 files and messages

Admins beware: If you don't create your own Office 365 backup policy, mailbox content could permanently disappear. Continue Reading


A comprehensive compliance policy requires teamwork

Security personnel and administrators need to work together to weave an Exchange Online security net from Microsoft's cloud protection capabilities. Continue Reading


To fix an Autodiscover error, use Exchange Online

Discover the variety of tools that administrators can arm themselves with to prevent Autodiscover errors before moving to Exchange Online. Continue Reading


Definitions related to Exchange Server migration

Understand the terms related to moving Exchange mailboxes.

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