The essential admin's guide to Office 365 PowerShell

Last updated:November 2016

Editor's note

As more organizations make the move from an on-premises messaging or collaboration platform to Office 365, the admin center may not be robust enough to manage dozens -- or thousands -- of end users.

Microsoft gives administrators a familiar tool to manage these cloud-based services -- the PowerShell command-line shell and its related scripting language. While IT staff can use the GUI within the admin center, Office 365 PowerShell cmdlets give admins better control over cloud assets. Whether it's a routine job, such as checking user permissions, or it's more complex like creating thousands of new mailboxes after a merger, PowerShell delivers reliable results in an efficient manner.

1Scripts and tricks to manage Office 365

SharePoint Online is a key collaboration tool for many organizations. Administrators need a way to quickly and easily provision sites or fix user problems with minimal downtime. The SharePoint Online Management Shell gives admins a way to manage large numbers of users, sites and other resources with scripts built from PowerShell cmdlets.

2Gain control of the Microsoft cloud

Office 365 PowerShell cmdlets provide IT teams with more granular control for critical areas related to security and compliance. Administrators can use PowerShell scripts to prevent data loss and enact corporate policies to prevent a violation of certain regulations.