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April 2009, Vol. 1

The importance of lifecycle planning for Exchange email archives

In many organizations, message archiving is thought of as something that has to be done just to keep the lawyers happy. Typically, a lot of planning goes into implementing a message archiving system in Exchange Server organizations. Most of it, however, focuses on controlling costs and ensuring that the proposed archiving system complies with regulations that apply to that organization's particular industry. Message lifecycle planning is the process of developing an email message retention policy. Part of the planning process involves making up-front decisions about storing and retaining email messages, such as where messages will be archived, how those archives will be backed up and for what length of time messages should be retained. When it comes to creating a messaging archival strategy for your organization, less can be more. Unless there is a critical reason behind retaining messages indefinitely, it's often better to store messages for no longer than what is required by the law or by your business needs. Keep in mind that...

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