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January 2012, Vol. 12

Improving Exchange 2010 uptime with virtualization and HA features

Email is a tier-one application because end users depend on it. And users expect the Exchange infrastructure to provide email and collaboration 24/7. So how can administrators keep Exchange running without downtime? The answer: take advantage of high-availability and performance features -- in Exchange Server 2010, and in virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. But how? Here are six areas to focus on: hardware performance and availability Exchange performance and availability hypervisor performance features hypervisor high-availability features best practices third-party tools Hardware performance and availability No matter which tier-one applications your company runs, hardware and infrastructure design choices affect performance and availability. This selection and design work may have been done long ago by a predecessor or a consultant you don't know. The factors that undercut performance may seem obvious. But some may blame a virtualization platform's hypervisor for poor Exchange performance when, ...

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