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November Volume 1, Issue 2

Windows 8 features: The good, the bad and the ugly

With the recent launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has a wagon full of gold to chase—and it hopes to come out victorious. Microsoft’s new desktop and tablet OS boasts touch-screen capabilities and greater integration as well as a raft of other Windows products. But the company’s new “Better Together” cloud strategy is at best ambitious and at worst an invitation to a host of new enterprise IT problems that the company has yet to address. The Good For years, Microsoft has claimed that its software works “better together,” including combinations of Windows clients, Windows servers and other products. This time around, the sales pitch is more extensive. Part of that pitch is based on the argument that Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, which shipped in September, share much of the same code base. In addition, the new Windows server and client are designed to embrace Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform in a big way. It’s possible that these re-engineered products will finally work better together. But despite Microsoft’s ...

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