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May 2010

Time to beef up code retention policies on your SharePoint servers

Today, many medium to large organizations seem to have a team of people whose job it is to review and approve software patches. As a SharePoint administrator, placing the burden of patch management onto another team may initially seem like a great idea. However, doing that can mean losing some control over the SharePoint servers. The big problem when you allow a dedicated team to handle patch management for SharePoint servers is that you have no way of knowing how thoroughly the patches are being tested. The patch management team should test each patch meticulously, but I have seen IT professionals who skip the testing process altogether, assuming that if a patch was released by Microsoft then it must be OK. Microsoft openly admits that patches do not receive the same degree of testing as service packs do. Normally, Microsoft seems to do a decent job of releasing patches that work as advertised, but there have been a couple of buggy patches that have made it out the door. And buggy patches can severely cripple your servers. Why ...

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