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September 2009

Developing an InfoPath development strategy

InfoPath Services, part of the enterprise edition of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), provides a powerful set of functionality that allows developers and power end users to quickly create online forms. InfoPath is a powerful tool, and even inexperienced users can create and publish an online form in less than an hour. Like many SharePoint features, however, the most obvious path forward with this tool is not necessarily the best path. Learn how to incorporate practices into your InfoPath forms development process that will provide enduring benefits for your personal productivity and for your company. InfoPath forms are nearly always tied to a business processes that combine rich data entry, a well defined and tightly managed business process, automated notifications for approvals /dispositions and reporting. In SharePoint terms, these map nicely to InfoPath (rich data entry), workflow (managed business process) and views on libraries and lists (for reporting). For time-sensitive processes where money or jobs are on the...

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