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November 2008

Creating a SharePoint site map using out-of-the-box features

As the scope and user community grow for SharePoint, so does its intricacies. One complex problem for SharePoint administrators is how to maintain a clean site map. Out-of-the-box SharePoint provides a kind of site map known as the Site Directory. This type of site directory has several disadvantages: No room for error. SharePoint gives site administrators only one chance to get it right when the site is created. If the site creator makes a mistake -- like failing to categorize the site or categorizing it incorrectly -- it's relatively difficult to correct. Even if it is done right the first time, it's hard to update the Site Directory to reflect changes in the organization after the fact. No security trimming. SharePoint normally shows information to users only when they pass a security test. If SharePoint determines that a user should not be able to see a particular piece of information, it trims the data from the display --- hence, security trimming. Although the Site Directory can be security-trimmed, this does not happen ...

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