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November 2008

Does your SQL Server database improve SharePoint performance?

SharePoint lives and breathes by its SQL Server databases. With the introduction of Windows SharePoint Server, even a small company can end up with a database that is quite large. And a large company can end up with a database that quickly approaches a ridiculous size. Every page that the SharePoint portal displays is saved into a SQL database. So is every document uploaded into the document repository. SharePoint doesn't necessarily follow the SQL Server table design best practices. More on SharePoint performance tuning SharePoint performance demands finely tuned SQL Server, storage That, in addition to having these large databases, can mean that designing a highly scalable SQL Server to run your SharePoint environment can be a challenge. Smaller systems can work nicely on your existing SQL Server hardware This doesn't change if your current environment is running on the x86 hardware platform. (Note: In this article, "x64" refers to both x64 and Itanium platforms.) Larger systems will want to move into the x64 hardware platform...

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