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December 2008

SharePoint enterprise search gets boost from governance planning

Although nearly every aspect of SharePoint can benefit from a strong governance plan, MOSS 2007's enterprise search functionality benefits most of all. Like all parts of SharePoint, there is good news and bad news about governance. For many organizations, the bad news is that it's extremely difficult to incorporate a governance plan where none existed. But here's the good news: You can quickly configure and improve on enterprise search at almost any time. More on SharePoint enterprise search and governance planning ABCs of enterprise search With enterprise search the work is never done Checklist for harnessing Microsoft SharePoint governance And when you implement a governance plan for enterprise search , you can see immediate results. No successful governance plan is written in stone. However, as it relates to search, governance is especially fluid. Live SharePoint implementations change a great deal over time, and this can have a positive impact on search. What should a SharePoint governance plan address? Don't have a ...

Features in this issue

  • Document version control goes deeper in SharePoint 2007

    by  Brien Posey

    MOSS 2007 has the ability to differentiate between major and minor versions, but that adds to its complexity.

  • Can Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft SharePoint play nice together?

    As companies transition from employing Generation X to Generation Y workers, use of collaboration software such as Lotus Quickr and Microsoft SharePoint is beginning to gain steam for project and document management. For enterprises that rely solely on Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Quickr, the ability for individuals to share information is relatively straightforward and seamless. But even in Domino shops, new applications are cropping up virally that administrators must deal with. Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) 2003 is one such example.

  • SharePoint enterprise search gets boost from governance planning

    by  Paul Galvin

    SharePoint enterprise search can be improved by forming a solid governance plan and a knowledgeable search governance committee to oversee and implement the plan. Here, learn what the governance plan should address and who should be a member of the search committee.