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November 2010

You've got a SharePoint governance plan -- now what?

You have worked hard to create the perfect SharePoint governance plan for your organization. The only thing left to do now is to sell your management team on the plan. But how do you do it? It really depends on how accommodating management is. Some managers I’ve had will sign off on just about anything that I put in front of them, while other managers tend to shoot down any proposal that they did not come up with themselves. If your boss is one of the naysayers, then use these techniques to get your governance plan approved: Remember why you created the plan. If the plan is designed to reduce help desk calls, then say so. If you created a governance plan as a way of adhering to regulatory requirements, then tell your boss up front. Any reasonable manager should accept regulatory compliance as a perfectly valid reason for adopting the governance plan. In any case, creating a governance plan involves a lot of work. There was some compelling factor that drove you to put all of that work into creating a governance plan, and you need...

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