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December 2009

Oops! I didn't do any capacity planning for SharePoint

The biggest mistake most organizations make in terms of capacity planning for SharePoint is to do nothing. Why does that happen? There are plenty of excuses. For one thing, SharePoint is a multi-layered application, so capacity planning can be pretty complex. It's crucial to have knowledge of the different capacity limitations of your Windows file system, Active Directory, .Net framework, Internet Information Services and SQL Server. Knowing those limits can prevent a bottleneck that would slow down the performance, user experience or growth of SharePoint. Some of the most common excuses for capacity planning lapses are that there isn't enough time because of an unrealistic deadline; or, there is insufficient data available on current or past usage to make an intelligent prediction about the rate of future growth. Or perhaps there is a lack of knowledge about how SharePoint stores and manages information. Whatever your reason, here are some guidelines that will help with the planning process. People objects The first SharePoint ...

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