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August 2008

Four steps to creating practical SharePoint governance standards

SharePoint has taken off like wildfire in the enterprise, and this success is partly attributable to SharePoint's easy-to-use interface, integration with Microsoft Office and its self-service-centric model. Unfortunately, many of the qualities that make SharePoint so accessible to enterprises can also cause trouble for the IT groups charged with governing the environment. Because users can control so many elements of SharePoint – from provisioning new sites to new document libraries to security – IT shops are often overwhelmed with site-creation volume, storage consumption, service interruptions (mostly of implementations they didn't know about) and managing the growth. These elements, however, are manageable if you have the right governance model in place. By following a few easy steps, you can rein in unfettered growth, continue to enable employee self-service and ensure there's a solid, supportable infrastructure under SharePoint. Creating practical SharePoint governance standards is all about common sense. In many cases, ...

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