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October 2008

Creating a SharePoint governance document

What is a SharePoint governance document? Do you really need one? A SharePoint governance document outlines policies and procedures regarding the way SharePoint is to be used and maintained within an organization. This document often addresses things like backup procedures and security settings and typically provides an acceptable use policy for the end users. Why is it important to have a SharePoint governance document? One of my clients went through a situation a few days ago that underscores the need for such a document. This client's primary SharePoint site contained a discussion board where users collaborate with each other. Most of the discussion areas are business related, but some are intended to be fun. One of the discussion areas on the site was titled "Anything Goes." One of the employees posted a redneck joke in this area. Although the joke was intended to be harmless, another employee got angry and claimed that it was an insult to his Southern heritage. What started out as an innocent joke escalated into a ...

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