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October 2008

Rookie mistakes to avoid during the SharePoint implementation process

Despite what may seem like a virtual explosion of SharePoint in the enterprise, it has been around since 2001. However, because of the various architectural changes in the recent version, SharePoint's popularity has taken off. The challenge now is to ensure that it is implemented properly in your environment. Almost to a fault, SharePoint is easy to install and configure. Using it is pretty easy too. However, because it's so easy, many organizations make "rookie mistakes" when implementing SharePoint. Here is a list of the top mistakes and ways to avoid them. Rookie mistake # 1: Picking basic vs. advanced installation When installing SharePoint, many organizations mistakenly take the basic install option because it sounds logical. And it's quite easy -- you can install it with a few mouse clicks. For more enterprises, however, the advanced option is better. Always choose the advanced option if: You don't want to install everything on the same server. In most cases, the enterprise should have at least a separate SQL Server -- the...

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