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February 2010, Vol. 19

Avoid the big mistakes when backing up virtual servers

Migrating your servers to virtual machines comes with many obvious benefits; hardware consolidation, performance management, and easier disaster recovery being a few. Some of the drawbacks, however, come from your old infrastructure. The backup systems in particular can come under disruptive fire because most have been designed to support a certain number of physical servers. Now that your server count can grow exponentially, and the assumptions of resource use go out the window, you need to address your backup solution before virtualization causes backups to get out of control. Take the opportunity to build backup planning into new virtualization projects so you can intelligently review your current approach with those that are available. Big Mistake #1: Let it ride and do nothing Agent-based backup is a common method for backing up servers. This involves installing the backup agent on your servers and pushing settings to it from your backup server. You can then backup those servers with nearly the same settings -- save for ...

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