Active Directory security school: Maintenance and testing

No matter how secure all the layers of your network might be, an improperly configured Active Directory can render the rest of your security measures useless. So how can you protect yourself from a hacker with their eyes on your AD? How can you recover from such an attack? Find the answers to all of your AD questions in this security school.

Active Directory Security School: Lesson 3

An introduction to Active Directory Federation Services
Active Directory Federation Services promises to make RADIUS authentication for Web applications a thing of the past. In this article Microsoft MVP Brien Posey explains how ADFS works and what resources it will require.

Fast Guide: Group Policy
Group Policy can be complicated. Make sure you understand how to implement it and how it affects security. Brush up on your Group Policy knowledge with this Fast Guide. This guide uses tips, webcasts and book excerpts to cover Group Policy design, administration with GPOs and GP security.

Maintaining a secure Active Directory network
In this four-part series, expert Derek Melber discusses the different aspects of Active Directory network security.

Targeting specific DCs for routine administration
Does it matter which domain controller you select when you need to perform routine maintenance on Active Directory? Find out here!

Group Policy Learning Guide
This guide introduces you to how Group Policy works, explains best practices and pitfalls to avoid and provides troubleshooting help and advice. You'll find Group Policy articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers, expert advice and more to pump up your Group Policy know-how quickly.

Active Directory Security School Lessons

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