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ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling and Event Automation

The ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling solution from Advanced Systems Concepts integrates business apps, standalone tasks, processes and scripts across diverse computing environments


ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling integrates business applications, standalone tasks, processes and scripts across diverse distributed computing environments.


Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. designed ActiveBatch Job Scheduling and Event Automation to organize and manage tasks and workflows into a unified, integrated workflow that works on various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and OpenVMS. It also allows task management across custom applications such as SQL Server.

The product includes a built-in Jobs Library, creating a "scriptless solution" for automating workflows to better address the requirements for business process automation. With ActiveBatch, users can create and execute an array of business processes such as Database or ETL jobs, Crystal Reports and other processes into tightly integrated workflows.

The Jobs Library in ActiveBatch includes the following:

  • SQL Server Jobs, including SQL Server Integration Services packages

  • Crystal Reports integration

  • SQL Blocks for Oracle or SQL Server

  • FTP/SFTP operations

  • Email jobs

  • Managing services

  • Support file operations like Copy or Zip

ActiveBatch has a unique architecture that incorporates proven Microsoft Windows, Oracle, HP and other technologies already implemented into user environments. The tool is designed to simplify and take advantage of leveraged learning by incorporating the Microsoft Windows Security Model (including Kerberos), Active Directory or ADAM, WMI and SNMP trapping and other technologies.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000; Linux; Unix; OpenVMS 32- or 64-bit as appropriate.

Pricing: Starts at $11,000 for a simple configuration and expands to enterprise-level pricing that allows deployment on an unlimited number of systems for less than $200,000.

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