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Attachments Processor for Outlook

Attachments Processor for Outlook manages Microsoft Outlook message attachments with password-protected archives for downloaded attachments.

New Product Showcase for Exchange Outlook and Outlook Web Access add-ins Attachments Processor for Outlook is a multifunctional manager for Microsoft Outlook message attachments.

Attachments Processor for Outlook
MAPILab's Attachments Processor for Outlook can extract attachments from incoming messages and save them to a user's hard disk while also replacing these attachments with direct links to files.

Attachments Processor for Outlook also enables you to create password-protected archives for downloaded attachments, ensuring that files remain private.

Attachments Processor offers two modes for Microsoft Office users: Simple and Advanced. The tool also updates direct links in the body of saved messages, which eliminates the need for manual updating when downloaded attachments are moved from their original folders.

MAPILab's Attachments Processor for Outlook
Figure 1: A screenshot of Attachments Processor for Outlook. (Click on image for enlarged view.)

Attachments Processor for Outlook features include the following:

  • The ability to place attachments in outgoing Microsoft Outlook messages into a zip file.

  • The option to automatically unzip received attachments.

  • Recovery possibilities for attachments deleted in Microsoft Outlook.

System requirements: Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher; Microsoft Windows 98 or higher.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $450 for 25 users; $800 for 50 users; and $1,200 for 100 users. Volume discounts are available.

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