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Build your knowledge of PowerShell scripting basics

If you don't know the basics of PowerShell yet, it's time to buckle down and learn how this language can ease Exchange management tasks.

It's hard to ignore how important PowerShell has become in Exchange. Exchange 2007 was the first version to include PowerShell scripting to automate tasks with the Exchange Management Shell, and its importance has grown with each new Exchange Server release.

If your PowerShell skills aren't up to par, now is the time to buckle down and learn about the capabilities PowerShell brings to Exchange Server. Here, we cover some of the PowerShell scripting basics you need to know, including the benefits of creating reusable scripts and how to fix a common scripting problem.

Basic PowerShell scripts for Exchange admins

Using PowerShell in Exchange Server is necessary to activate certain tasks from the command line. This tip covers some basic scripts you could use on a regular basis.

Learn more PowerShell scripting basics

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Harness Exchange's full power with PowerShell

For admins wanting to learn PowerShell scripting basics, they need to get familiar with cmdlets that work with components and specific products. A hands-on approach to learning is often best, but there are other ways to learn that can be beneficial.

Are pre-written scripts better for PowerShell beginners?

If admins are just starting to work with PowerShell, it's possible to start scripting from scratch. But another approach that can help admins new to PowerShell is to use pre-existing scripts to perform certain tasks.

PowerShell reports can maximize Exchange's potential

PowerShell reporting includes some powerful capabilities. This tip looks at how admins can use PowerShell reports for mailbox statistics, as well as for nearly every aspect of the organization in Exchange.

How to write reusable PowerShell scripts

To learn PowerShell scripting, many Exchange admins create reusable PowerShell scripts. The combinations that run will depend on your organization's requirements, but you can use these scripts as a framework to build what you need.

Prevent buggy PowerShell scripts with testing

Every admin will eventually come across buggy PowerShell scripts. The best way to avoid them is to start in a test lab environment, but sometimes buggy scripts are inevitable. Here are some options for debugging them.

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