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Create the best plan to merge Office 365 accounts

Company acquisitions are never easy, especially when combining messaging platforms is required. Admins must be prepared if Office 365 is involved.

A company merger or acquisition can be tricky for admins tasked with moving two separate entities onto one messaging platform. And as Office 365 becomes increasingly popular in the enterprise, it's inevitable that Exchange admins will have to merge Office 365 accounts during these business changes without disrupting end users.

In his series on how corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&As) affect Office 365 installs, Exchange MVP Steve Goodman explains how to handle these situations so systems continue to run smoothly -- even in turbulent corporate environments.

Merge Office 365 tenants after a business M&A

The main challenge Exchange admins face after a business M&A isn't infrastructure redesign -- it's the migration strategy. Learning about the five key challenges admins must overcome with the Office 365 tenants will be their key to how they can successfully merge Office 365 accounts.

Meet prerequisites before moving Office 365 tenants

Understanding the technical steps of setting up new Office 365 tenants is a must, and that applies to companies that choose to migrate with native tools or third-party utilities. This part of the process includes a number of factors admins will work with, including domains, mail flow and Active Directory users.

Use hybrid Exchange to migrate Office 365 tenants

If an Exchange admin's organization has the right computing power, storage and licensing already in place, it's possible to perform an Office 365 tenant migration using a hybrid Exchange Server. Admins must figure out how to approach certain steps, including creating additional routing addresses, identifying migration endpoints and synchronizing organizational units.

Ease data moves with third-party tools

Although native Exchange tools can perform the migration, third-party tools can be a quicker and simpler option. Goodman highlights how Exchange admins can use BitTitan's MigrationWiz tool to merge Office 365 accounts, which he has used with success for many of his customers.

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