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Document Locator 5.0

Document Locator 5.0 from ColumbiaSoft Corp. helps businesses manage business documents and records, automate business processes and comply with regulations.

ColumbiaSoft Corp.'s Document Locator 5.0 is software that helps businesses manage business documents and records, automate business processes and comply with regulations.

With Document Locator businesses can store and retrieve documents immediately, employ records policies, manage versions, automate scanning and manage email and faxes. This software integrates document management within Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, Outlook, AutoCAD and other applications and uses Microsoft SQL Server to replace network-shared files and store documents.

New features in Document Locator Version 5.0 include the following:

  • Records management: The new Record Policy Manager allows records managers to customize document actions and dispositions to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • SharePoint integration: Users can integrate the program with SharePoint for accessing Document Locator repositories along with other business applications and libraries from a single interface. With the new optional SharePoint Connector Module, users can place Document Locator Web parts on any SharePoint page, search Document Locator and SharePoint files in a combined search operation and establish Document Locator as the enterprise repository within SharePoint.
  • Improved Web access: It has additional desktop client functionality extending to the Web interface with new features including version history, document log and document notes dialogs; auto-login for current user; workflow support for submitted tasks; floating right-click menus; large file transfers and page subset updating; and document thumbnails via mouse-over. Web access is now available through the WebTools Module for full access and the WebView Module for searching and retrieving documents.
  • Improved version-level properties: Users can manage document properties at the version level to record version-specific metadata. This feature maintains a snapshot of the property history and allows searching on prior version property information.

System requirements: For the Document Locator client: Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2; Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; Pentium 4 or higher. For the Document Locator Database server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (120-day eval of SQL Server with SP4) or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (180-day eval of SQL Server); Windows Server 2000 SP4 or Windows Server 2003; dual-core Xeon Server. (Note: Microsoft Small Business Server and other non-dedicated application servers or multiple virtualized servers and non-standard configurations are not supported without ColumbiaSoft Engineering's review and approval.)

Pricing: Enterprise pricing is subject to volume and package options.

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