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Experts share predictions for Microsoft Ignite

Experts give insights on Microsoft Ignite, what Windows services they hope to hear about, and whether this show will live up to TechEd conference fame.

With Microsoft Ignite conference less than a week away, Windows Server admins are anxious to hear what news comes from the Microsoft Windows Server and Cloud team.

"I think we're going to hear a greater push to the cloud," said Kevin Beaver, infosec consultant with Atlanta-based Principle Logic.

"Microsoft will continue to create more tools and best practice resources around better system resiliency and incident response," he said. "It's not working all that well at the end-user level, so perhaps Microsoft can help push things along."

In addition to tools to help ease management, Microsoft will likely focus on helping admins move to cloud-based systems.

"I think that there will be a lot of emphasis on Windows 10 and how [that] and Windows Server 10 make it easier to transition to Office 365 and Azure," said Brien Posey, writer for SearchWindowsServer.com.

But not everyone is thrilled about Microsoft's "Cloud First" message. The company has touted the "Cloud OS" moniker and used previous TechEd events to share its cloud message, to varying degrees of success. Some hope Microsoft will roll back that message.

"What I'd like to hear is if [Microsoft] is scaling back the intensity of the cloud message that dissatisfied so many attendees of TechEd last year," said Jonathan Hassell, president of North Carolina-based 82 Ventures. "Cloud talk after cloud talk -- almost everyone was disappointed that there were not more sessions for real-world deployments that still have significant on-prem installations.

"It was basically a marketing event and not 'Technical Education' as [the TechEd name] would imply," Hassell said. "One would hope Ignite would be different, especially as they killed off all of the other technical conferences and piled them all into this one."

Microsoft rolled TechEd, Microsoft Management Conference and the Microsoft Exchange Conference into one single event.

The company has rolled out technical previews of the next version of Windows Server and System Center, expected in 2016, and has shared details about its Nano Server installation option.

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