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FAQ: Active Directory

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FAQ EXPERT: Laura E. Hunter, Senior IT specialist, University of Pennsylvania. Laura (CISSP, MCSE: Security, MCDBA, Microsoft MVP) is a senior IT specialist with the University of Pennsylvania where she provides network planning, implementation and troubleshooting services for business units and schools within the university. Hunter is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft "Most Valuable Professional" award in the area of Windows Server-Networking. She is the author of the Active Directory Field Guide (APress Publishing). If you have an Active Directory question, check below first to see if Laura may already have answered it.

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Frequently Asked Questions: ACTIVE DIRECTORY

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  1. What is the difference between Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2003 Active Directory?
  2. What are the benefits of AD over NT4 directory services?
  3. Can you help me install a DNS server and AD domain?
  4. What is the best way to migrate Exchange 2000 mailboxes to Exchange 2003?
  5. How do I design two Active Directory domains in a client network?
  6. What is difference between ADS & domain controller?
  7. How can I modify the path of all my users' home directory within AD using a vbs logon script?
  8. How do I determine if user accounts have local administrative access?
  9. Why am I having trouble printing with XP domain users?
  10. Can you help me upgrade NT domain controllers to Windows 2003?
  11. How do I use Registry keys to remove a user from a group?
  12. Why are my NT4 clients failing to connect to the Windows 2000 domain?

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