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FAQ: Group Policy

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FAQ EXPERT: Jeremy Moskowitz, MCSE, MCSA, is an independent consultant and trainer for Windows technologies. He runs, a community forum for people to get their toughest group policy questions answered. Jeremy can be found speaking at IT conferences and inside corporations all over the world. He is a Microsoft MVP and has authored or co-authored six books. If you have a Group Policy question, check below first to see if Jeremy may already have answered it.

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Frequently Asked Questions: GROUP POLICY

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  1. How can I restrict unauthorized user downloads?
  2. Can I restrict the use of floppy and/or CD-ROM drives?
  3. Can I prevent users from installing software on his their own PCs?
  4. How can I apply Group Policy to Windows 2000 clients?
  5. How do I pushing out domain account information to all PCs?
  6. How can I pull the GPO to the W2K client computer from AD?
  7. How do I implement Group Policy to cover multiple Windows versions?
  8. How do I hide the network neighborhood icons?
  9. How can I use a GPO or script to remove VNC software?
  10. How can I designate specific administrators to specific PCs?
  11. Is it possible to grant temporary permissions within an OU?
  12. How do I set the ability to use the update server?

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Hello I am facing issue with saving PSR zip file to desktop or my document in win 7 environment, Offline file disabled, I can save any other folder but not Desktop or My Document. i can write anything from other programs, only PSR is not working. Please let me know if any solution you have asap.