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Features no longer available with Office Project Server 2007

This excerpt from "Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference" provides the Project Server 2003 features that have been either replaced or omitted with the new release.


Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference   This chapter excerpt from Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference, by Dave Gochberg and Rob Stewart, is printed with permission from McGraw-Hill, Copyright 2008.

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The following features are no longer available in Project Server 2007. Most of these are no longer needed or were not our favorites, such as the Portfolio Modeler; others we miss (such as Save Link).

Save Link

In Project Server 2003, the Save Link feature enabled users to save a view to a link after making personalized changes. Some examples include dragging a column to a different location on the page, setting a specific filter, and sorting the view differently from the default. This feature is no longer available.

Portfolio Modeler

The Portfolio Modeler was a tool that allowed for some "what-if scenario" modeling on projects. Project Server no longer includes such a function. However, a similar function that works better in any case is available in the new Microsoft Project Portfolio Server product. The Project Portfolio Server is a product that Microsoft purchased and modified somewhat and which includes a gateway to Project Server. Although the Project Portfolio Server functionality is not discussed in depth in this book, note that it is far broader and deeper than what Project Server previously offered for "what-if" processes. The tools that support Project Portfolio management are particularly strong.

To-Do Lists

To-Do lists have been replaced by activities, as discussed previously in this chapter.

Hiding of the Left Navigation Pane

The 2003 version included a feature that collapsed the PWA left navigation, freeing more screen space for the viewer. This feature is no longer present in the 2007 version.



- Introduction

- Tip 1: New Project Web Access features

- Tip 2: A look at Project Professional 2007

- Tip 3: Features no longer available


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